Sep 08 2014


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 Big news here!



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Yup!  We’re back at the Sunderland Fair again this year.   Just inside the gates past the Bunny Building!


 Grab a cold drink or whatever your poison is, pull up a chair and set and visit awhile!  We can chew the fat (or a hamburger or fries) and talk ponies!


Give the kids a pony ride and then check out all the sights and midway. Weather will be great (I say so) so it’ll be a great day!  And we’ll make sure Charlie himself is in attendance.



Aug 27 2014

COTTAGERS! We’re in Kirkfield Sat.

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Labour day Saturday you’ll find us at the Kirkfield Fun Day – right there at the church. 8 ponies offering rides from 10:00 to closing. Come out, chat, grab some eats and give the kids a ride!

Aug 25 2014

Busy busy day, 08/24/14! Wow!

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Talk about your “non-stop”!  It was just exactly that from 3 pm to 6 pm yesterday.   Kept 8 ponies  busy for all of those 3 hours and we still had to turn kids away!  It was fun though!


Then we followed this up with a birthday party in Rougehill for wee ones.  Such excitement!

Aug 24 2014

Another busy Sunday!

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We’ll be 3 hours at the community bash at 1423 Thornton Rd. N. from 3 pm to 6 pm today. The public is welcome so why not drop in to say hi?


Later in the day we have another B-Day party in Rouge Hill. Ah yeah, supper’s going to be late! <Grin>

Aug 16 2014


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We were participating in the West-Oshawa Lion’s Club picnic today which the rain tried hard to cancel but we’re all a hardy bunch and the weather wasn’t able to prevent lots of fun.  Good eats too!


However, what did manage to put a damper on things was a wasps nest hiding in the grass at the base of a fence post. Poor Nikki discovered it very much the hard way and sustained about 50 stings before we could get her away. Poor Frank took the challenge of holding on to a frightened bucking pony who just wanted to run, and did, with Frank flying right along side her.  <Giggle> Going to keep her close tonight to make sure she is alright.  Oh, and yes, Frank’s fine – only a couple of stings for him.


Then Caleb decided to level a kick or two at Munchie and Cole thought that looked like great fun so he did too.  Poor Munchie said to get him off this bus but then didn’t wait around and got himself off the bus (trailer) as soon as the door opened. Another pony to catch.


Then Flippy found out the power was off on the fence and invited himself to the lawn and took Deuce along with him.  Deuce was easy enough to catch, Flippy not so much! He is such a brat!  


Now it’s raining horses and ponies so there goes another B.B.Q’d supper!







Aug 16 2014

Parties On & Off and Comings & Goings!

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Today was to have been a busy one with Frank taking the large trailer to a 3 hour carousel job and me going another way to a 2 hour Birthday Party.  Sadly, the birthday party was cancelled at the last minute.


It’s important to understand that I work hard for you to secure you the time slot you’d like but it isn’t always possible.  I did the cancelling on this one. Know that feeling you get when you just know things are not going to end well?


The good news however is that now I have some time to spend here, updating everyone on any changes – and there is a great one!  Fitting into the “Comings and Goings” category, this time it’s a “Coming”!


Please allow me to present “Charlie’s Pride Melody Fair”  


Just home 3Just got home -1

                                       18 months 

            should finish as a large small or a small medium

Girl talk!

                                                                                                                                             Girl Talk

Aug 16 2014

****** WELCOME HOME! ****** ***** BOARD AVAILABLE! *****

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Get in touch if you are looking for a great, safe place for your guy or gal this year. Some pasture board still available.  Large paddocks rotated every 2 weeks. Auto-



Winter run-ins are deep-bedded with straw, optional grain available, heated waterers. Hay 24/7 Large separate tack box area. Heated tack room.  Fun group! $250/mth.

Aug 12 2014

Yahoo! We made it!

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It was a close thing but we made it!  With help from some friends and family we had all our hay under the roof by 8:50 and the rain started at just past 9:20.  


That was exhausting too since everyone had already put in a full day at work and we didn’t get started until late in the day.  Oh how I hate the stress of making hay!

Aug 05 2014

Sunday will be a BIG day!

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Big challenges indeed!  We’re doing a 3-pony, 3-hour venue mid-day and then returning home to the need to get all our hay baled and stored inside before any rain!


As a local farmer likes to say ” Making hay is a crap-shoot!” Having lost the hay of our headlands to rain twice this year, I’m confident this time we’ll be lucky.  

No Rain!

Jul 26 2014

Where ARE my walking shoes?

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Going to be needing my walking shoes again tomorrow! Have another two parties booked! My feet will be screaming at me! <Grin>.  Love it – the way I can lose some of my winter weight every summer!



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