Mar 06 2013

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Light in the evenings again!  AND, March Break!  AND, ponies are shedding, big time!  Want to get reacquainted with our four-footers?  Give us a call or drop us a line and come out to brush out a pony!


Happy are the ponies, . . .

Frank has lots of little pony helpers out there, endevouring to advise him in the construction of their new run-in shelter.  He’s heard all about their demands for insulation, running water, deep bedding etc. but the line was drawn at satellite and large screen!  I’m excited too since now they can have winter shelter outside of […]

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****HERE WE GO AGAIN!!****

Yup!  It`s that time again!  Our year is already underway and the bookings are coming in. Don`t lose your important date; hold it by booking now!  

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CHARLIE and all the gang wanted me to pass on their best wishes for your Christmas!  Hoping everyone has a GREAT time with family and friends! PS: Got lots of ponies hanging around here being lazy.  Phone for an opportunity to come play and groom one of our equine family members!  


The excitement is already building!

Well, meet Sidney!   By way of a lady named Heather, of Urban Cat Relief ( * we are about to welcome a new gentleman into our family.                Sid has apparently been living on the streets in Markham, sponging off the neighbourhood (enterprising soul; Susie will like that) for about two years. […]

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Sad news, . . .

It was a sad day here in the middle of the Hurricane Sandy left-over!  We noted the week before that Barney didn’t come home one night.  We figured he was out hunting something or other.  Well, I guess it was a bad “other” since he didn’t look well when he got home and continued to deteriorate.  […]

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