Sep 08 2014

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 Big news here! YUP!   Watch for totally NEW website coming Later THIS month!   Meanwhile, enjoy these pages and for all our current antics, See us on Facebook  Can’t hardly wait!     😀   Yup!  We’re back at the Sunderland Fair again this year.   Just inside the gates past the Bunny Building! […]

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Busy busy day, 08/24/14! Wow!

Talk about your “non-stop”!  It was just exactly that from 3 pm to 6 pm yesterday.   Kept 8 ponies  busy for all of those 3 hours and we still had to turn kids away!  It was fun though!   Then we followed this up with a birthday party in Rougehill for wee ones.  Such excitement!

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We were participating in the West-Oshawa Lion’s Club picnic today which the rain tried hard to cancel but we’re all a hardy bunch and the weather wasn’t able to prevent lots of fun.  Good eats too!   However, what did manage to put a damper on things was a wasps nest hiding in the grass at the […]


Parties On & Off and Comings & Goings!

Today was to have been a busy one with Frank taking the large trailer to a 3 hour carousel job and me going another way to a 2 hour Birthday Party.  Sadly, the birthday party was cancelled at the last minute.   It’s important to understand that I work hard for you to secure you […]

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*** Canada Day – Ajax Ont. ***

  Now that’s what we call a Par-TAY!  What a blast!    Beautiful park in Ajax, the Rotary Park is right on the water.  Our site was all nice and shady, soft footing and close to the driveway – with a picnic table no less!  A great welcome and a great day.  Sincere thanks to […]

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Where: Rotary Park, 177 Lake Driveway W.       When:  Monday, Canada Day, 10 am to 5 pm.     Why: CHARLIES PRIDE PONIES! All rides are                  PREPAID!!                                     So, come ride a pony and visit us!


So, what are YOU doin’ Canada Day?

  Why not join us in Ajax?   We’re going to be there all day.  It promises to be great!  Further info to come!   Where: Rotary Park, 177 Lake Driveway West, Ajax! When:  Monday, Canada Day, 10 am to 5 pm. Why: CHARLIES PRIDE PONIES!  All rides are PREPAID!!  So, come ride a pony […]

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Brooklin Parade, June 1st.

How long can a toe remain broken?  As long as it takes to make you get off of it!  That’s apparently a long time!   Regardless, it hurt enough on the 1st of June to cancel our plans to put the team and wagon in the Brooklin Spring Fair parade.  Just didn’t think I could handle […]

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Speaking of Brooklin, . . .

  We were at the Brooklin Daycare Centre on Friday evening, June 7th.  Sadly the weather was unpredictable and indeed, we only just finished in time as we had torrential rains on the way home.    This is a fundraiser for the school so the limited turn-out was unfortunate.  They have this every year so […]

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Another successful busy day!

Yesterday was another big hit!  Three hours at Pickering Christian School.  The kids are great and so is all the help we get from the parents.  Sun was warm and even the wind was warm so it was comfortable all round. Went from there to a B-Day party in Whitby and thrilled the kids there!  […]

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