Oct 19 2013

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***** DON’T FORGET, . . . ****

New, updated info is always available on Charlie’s Facebook page. AND, we want to hear from YOU!  Catch up on our news and catch US up on your news! 

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Interested in leasing or purchasing a pony?  Now’s the time to look in to what Charlie is offering this fall!


2013 Sales & Leases – In Progress now!

STILL A COUPLE OF photos to add folks, but most are now on.  Check out this year’s offers on updated 2013 page!

View 2013 Sales & Leases – In Progress now!

**** We’re Smokin’ 2013!

Wow!  The bookings are flying in this year!  Thanks for your loyalty and greetings to our new 2013 friends! You are all important to us!

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Moving into June, –

We still have a couple of Sunday openings in June – and one Saturday!    If you are looking for a Saturday party next month, you’ve got to call now!   Still a couple of ride times left as well.  Why not check out our lessons before the summer classes get under way?   Lessons fill up […]

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**** In A Word – Busy! ****

Yup!  That’s about the only way I can put it!  Not only are the bookings and lesson requests rolling in, but with it being spring?  Where does all the junk come from?   Looking at making a dump run – or two – and a scrap metal run; also  tightening fences, building more fences, catching […]

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Hurray! 2013 Season finally gets underway!

Lessons are booking NOW! Party dates are filling in! Phone or email today!  Yahoo!!  

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Well, that didn’t last long!

Gee, I think Spring lasted, what, one day?  Now the weatherman says another cool week is in store!  Sure is cold enough today!  No sport in this!

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**OH PLEASE!!!**

Can we PLEASE have Spring now?  PLEASE?    

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Finally, a GREAT news update!

You’ll remember that we suffered the loss of our Barney kitty back during the storm of hurricane Sandy.  Well, after her mourning period, the Susie kitty posted her ad in the Personals column for a new man.   She received a lovely reply from a gentleman by the name of Sidney who met all of her […]

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