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Well, it’s over!

      Talk to Charlie, he’ll even send you a message in return.     It’s all over, folks!  Our season ended yesterday, December 18th, 4:o’clock PM at the tree farm.  With the bookings finished for 2011, we headed out to a Christmas party and started our vacation.   Sincere thanks to John and […]

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Hatch House Montessori

While we know it isn’t much like Christmas, we enjoyed that the weather held on the morning of Dec. 16th.  We had 70+ little riders from the Hatch House Montessori school to get their christmas tree and pony rides.  Nobody froze and the kids were really good.  The wee ones are so darn cute!

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I called him my dad, and he called me his . . .

So, poor Tawney has led a lonely life, as so many stallions do.  I think it’s been some time since he has seen and associated with his own kind.  Sooo, . . .  I’ve been introducing him to the gelding herd, one to one, in the same paddock.   This has been going well and he’s now […]

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Welcome 2012!

Already looking forward to a B-Day party. January 21st. A 7th birthday in Port Perry. Farmer’s Almanac calls for a clear day!

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Rain delay, . . .

Today’s rain caused a shift in our plans.  Montessori school pony rides and Christmas tree excursion was delayed until tomorrow.  Go away rain!!  

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Screwy day – Great party!

Ooh!  What a day!  So did it ever turn cold Friday night!  And guess whose trailer ramp was left down?  Guess whose trailer ramp froze so it wouldn’t close on Saturday morning when I needed to ‘trailer-up’ two ponies for a Birthday Party?  Finally solved that (with a screwdriver) and found we were challenged to […]

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Last Chance for a Pony Ride in 2011!

Next weekend folks!  December 17-18.  Last weekend before Christmas is our last weekend at the Christmas Tree Farm.  Hot chocolate, hot cider, candy canes, cookies, AND getting your Christmas tree. AND don’t forget to plan for your Pony Rides too!  Charlie himself will be there again, and you might even get your picture taken with […]

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December 10 & 11 at the Tree farm

Had a very successful weekend at the Tree farm on the 10th and 11th of December.  Lots of Christmas trees headed home for the holidays and lots of kids enjoying pony rides too.  Wind was cold but at least there was no rain. 

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Folly Jo-Boy Jean’s Tawney (Tawney-Boy)

Watch for lots of new photos to come of Tawney, Tori, Maggie and all the ‘boys’.  Whiskey & our Mr. Fields too!  To be published on “Our Family” page soon!  

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Port Perry Montessori School

Wow!  That was fun!  Gave 80 rides to kids from the Port Perry Montessori School, Wednesday, Dec. 7 at the Blackstock Christmas Tree farm.  80 kids in less than 2 hours!  Ponies amazed themselves!

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