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Ohhh Noooooo . . .

As many of you know, I have suffered a neck in spasm since the Christmas season.  Nothing has worked yet but, now, …. it’s taken a turn for the worse this week and I can hardly move!  Ohhh noooo, the Brooklin parade is in jeopardy!   I’m workin’ on it, I’m aworkin’ on it, …

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**LESSON Times filling in – **

If you haven’t contacted us yet this year for your lesson time, get in touch now.  We can tell you when your child’s lesson level is taking place.  There will be more than one so we should be able to accomodate your schedule.

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Speaking of Fund Raisers . . .

The Pickering Christian School is also holding a Fund Raiser this upcoming weekend.  Saturday, May 26th from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  All funds raised go to the school for activities and supplies.  Come on out and support this impressive school!

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Brooklin Day Care! May 24th!

Join us in Brooklin on Thursday evening (May 24) for a Fund Raiser for the Brooklin Day Care!  Lots of fun activities for the whole family and all to benefit a great – and important – community asset.  We’ll be there from 6 PM to 8 PM.  Buy your tickets from the Day Care staff […]

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Madison & Peanut!

Wonderful party on the 19th of May.  Some day, Madison is going to be a great rider!  5 years old and already leading Peanut around her yard!  Put her up on him and she can sit a trot!  Wow!  Gobs of natural talent here!  Great party, fun kids!

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LESSONS! – Classes now being formed

You can help us out by phoning now with your child’s information – age, size, level already attained. We’re already trying to put our classes together.  PRIVATE & SEMI-PRIVATE also available.  705 357-3894. Facebook search: Charlies Pride Ponies

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** Brooklin Spring Fair Parade! **

Look for us at the Brooklin Spring Fair parade!  (Please, no rain this year, no rain,… no rain, …)   Oh no!  See below post –             ,    

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***** Summer 2012 *****

Not surprisingly, summers book up tight!  Every summer we have to say no to those booking too late!  I hate disappointing kids so please, don’t be the ones I have to turn down.  Please get your summer booking in EARLY!!

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*** We’re booking JUNE & JULY! ***

Have bookings already in three out of four June weekends! Lots of space left – but don’t delay!  Openings go quickly this time of year!           .                                           .  

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Sunderland Fall Fair!

  Well, hey now!  Just noticed that I forgot to post our presence again this year at the Sunderland Fall Fair in September.  This is a busy one as we are both running the pony rides and have ponies in the Show Ring.  Make sure you come out to catch us there.                           […]

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