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Happy are the ponies, . . .

Frank has lots of little pony helpers out there, endevouring to advise him in the construction of their new run-in shelter.  He’s heard all about their demands for insulation, running water, deep bedding etc. but the line was drawn at satellite and large screen!  I’m excited too since now they can have winter shelter outside of […]

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Finally, a GREAT news update!

You’ll remember that we suffered the loss of our Barney kitty back during the storm of hurricane Sandy.  Well, after her mourning period, the Susie kitty posted her ad in the Personals column for a new man.   She received a lovely reply from a gentleman by the name of Sidney who met all of her […]

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Want to come play with a Pony?

We`ve got lots of lazy ponies here these days.  They are starting to lose their winter coats, too. They would love to have some company to groom and make a fuss over them so why not call for an appoinment today?  Come on out and interact with one of our cuties!

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****HERE WE GO AGAIN!!****

Yup!  It`s that time again!  Our year is already underway and the bookings are coming in. Don`t lose your important date; hold it by booking now!  

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