Dec 11 2011

Screwy day – Great party!

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Ooh!  What a day!  So did it ever turn cold Friday night!  And guess whose trailer ramp was left down?  Guess whose trailer ramp froze so it wouldn’t close on Saturday morning when I needed to ‘trailer-up’ two ponies for a Birthday Party?  Finally solved that (with a screwdriver) and found we were challenged to get out of the icy lane!  Finally solved that (carefully). Get fuel. Add air to trailer tire. Think I was late to the party? You bet!  Sincere thanks to Mr. & Mrs. John Lloyd of Courtice for their understanding. 


Party itself was great!  Lots of time for rides.  Enjoyed the Lloyd’s party ideas!  (Secret Agents.)  The kids were cute, excited and great little riders too.


So, day ends well, right? Wrong. Bit of a hill where I needed to turn around but a north-bound car meant I had to stop.  On the hill. 4-wheel wouldn’t engage. Tractor pulled us up and out!  Thanks Darcy!


As I say, screwy day, great party!  Gott’a get that vehicle fixed, right now . . .