Jan 18 2012

So, what happens when you cross an equine dentist with two new ponies?

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Answer: A bill for $510.65!


Wow!  Still, it was worth every penny and I highly recommend getting a professional in when dental problems arise.


Not surprisingly, Tawny was one of the ponies.  Given his age, it makes sense that he’d be having problems in there.  Turns out he’s been chewing on his inside cheek for years and couldn’t even slide his jaw from side to side.  From where I stood, some of his teeth were so sharp they looked a lot like bigger versions of my kitty’s front claws!  Scary!  He will be seeing his dentist again in September.


Tory was the other pony.  She too has been chewing on her cheek.  Appears to be common in ponies as they don’t have quite enough clearance between tooth edge and cheek.  Her problem was less severe but it’s great to know they can both eat in comfort now.