Feb 20 2012

Just gott’a wonder, . . .

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Where does it slip away to?  Yup!  Time, that’s what I mean!  As my Dad once said to me, “Ain’t it funny how 20 years in front of you looks like such a long time yet 20 years behind seems like just a short time ago?”


 So, here it is, end of February and what’s the status on all my ‘winter projects’?  Well, the photo files are finally beaten into shape so I’m about to start posting the pics we’ve all been waiting for.  That was a big job!


Still deep in the throes of building this facility, …yeah, we know, still, after all this time.  Now if his employer would just stop getting in the way of my plans, …  Well, ok, maybe not. (Just kidding, Ashmore, honest!)  Then again you should hear ‘the man’ wishing to get a break and spend more time at work; says his boss there is way more reasonable.


Some examples of the “minor” alterations:  


        barn before1            barn after1   


            barn-before2                barn-after2

             So maybe Rome wasn’t built in a day, . . .


The refinishing on the beautiful antique end-tables once again didn’t come about.  I have a long list of excuses for this one.  Email me and I’ll send you a full copy.


Ok, so not everybody views house-work as a “winter project” but choices have got to be made; anyway, after a late (very) start, that is coming along ok, sort’a . . . .


Still trying to get a grasp on cleaning the basement,. . . ah well, maybe next year.