Mar 15 2012

Our Annual Vacation!! Hurray!

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Our Summer Vacation is booked! 


I know!   How can we take holidays in our busiest season?  Easy. 

It’s the Tweed Fair!  We love this place!


We have a beautiful venue spot: virtually fully fenced, lots of shade, accessible water, hydro, washrooms,… and food!  And, did I mention?  The greatest people!  This spot truly has it all! 


So, we load up the trailers, grab the tents, fridge, lounge chair and BBQ and head out for three days, July 13th to July 15th.


‘Course, the ponies have to work.  I mean, they pay for the vacation, right?  And we all know just how very hard they work too, don’t we . . . ?

                                    Tweed Fair 2006 –


 Demands of the Media,…       … slaving in the hot sun,…      

  Tweed Queen   Wyatt & Peanut

     Tweed Queen with our                    Peanut with Wyatt,    

        King Charles                            testing for size…


 … enduring sleepy staff …       … tolerating bored staff …    

   Shelagh       Derek's Flippy     

     Shelagh in the sun                   Derek’s hairdo for Flippy


                     Uhuh!  It’s a hard life, …

      Levi     Charlie

                 Levi                            Charlie        

       With Flippy    Peanut            

             with Flippy                     Peanut & Crackers


So, save your sympathy and make sure you get to the Tweed Fair again this year!


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