Jul 01 2009

Hunter. Water, big deal! (With photos!)

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One of our best show ponies, Hunter has a dual personality.  At home, around the barn and paddocks, he is so ho-hum and laid-back about life we sometimes wonder if he is even awake!


Slow and clutsy, he plods along, “dum dee dum, goin’ to the zoo, yup, goin’ to the zoo …” and has earned his stable name of Tank!


But put a saddle on this guy, mount up and he’s a changed pony!  Point him to a show ring and he’ll bring you back a ribbon every time.  Here’s some of his early backing and training photos.


AKA Tank

First day under saddle


AKA Tank

Learning about obstacles and distances



AKA Tank

Lookin' for the fox




AKA Tank

Up and Over!

AKA Tank

Training for water - no big deal!


 One of our lucky lesson students will be showing Hunter again this year.  Come on out & sign up – maybe it will be you!