Sep 15 2012

MIA! Sincere apologies!

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It’s been a tough few weeks, but I’m back in action here on the website.  I’m guessing you’re wondering at the recent silence.  Well, here’s the story.


Back three or four weeks ago,during the first really big storm that broke the drought, we were woken at 3:20 am by the loudest crack I’ve ever heard and we knew the hit was close!


It was close alright.  Hit the big walnut tree out front of the barn and tore off branches and a wide strip of tree all the way down the (roughly) 90 feet to the base.  It then travelled underground to the conduit of the house and, although we didn’t know it yet, took out our phone, fax, a couple of florescent lights (?!) and, oh yeah the computer! 


Replacing the phone should have been easy.  Notice you don’t really know what you’re paying for until you get to open the box?  Ok, so after a couple of stressful returns, we ended up with a phone we could live with for the price.  Meanwhile of course, I’d lost all our current phone contacts plus the “saved” numbers.  (Hope I’ve got them all rebuilt.)


Next I discovered I couldn’t get online, then I learned the USB ports were blown.  After wasting much time. I finally had to break down and, resenting every penny, I had to buy a new computer.  Next, you have to get the thing to actually work!


Effective today, I’ve got a functioning computer and hopefully things are back on track.  I’ll be doing my best to get caught up.  Meanwhile, our thanks to all who have been supportive and so patient.


Yes,the pony sale continues.  There are still a couple available for sale and several up for lease so get in touch and we’ll see what we can work out together.


Thanks again, everybody.  Great clients and fans we have!  And if you’ve been waiting for a photo or a reference on our site, please get in touch again (via email or Facebook) to jog my memory. And if you are waiting for a phone call, chances are I no longer have your number so please call me!


And don’t forget we love to hear from you for any reason at all.  Give us a Facebook “Like” and leave a comment, thought, photo or question.  All our “fan base” like to hear from each other and Facebook is the place to do it!


It’s great to be back!  😀