Jan 17 2013

Finally, a GREAT news update!

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You’ll remember that we suffered the loss of our Barney kitty back during the storm of hurricane Sandy.  Well, after her mourning period, the Susie kitty posted her ad in the Personals column for a new man.


She received a lovely reply from a gentleman by the name of Sidney who met all of her requirements but, being homeless, was being cared for by Urban Cat Relief and following some brief negotiations, Sid moved in with us.  (Pics to follow)


What followed was a very scary story as Sidney disappeared the very night of his arrival.  We couldn’t figure out how he got out as we had locked him into the tackroom with Susie for safekeeping until he became familiar with his new home.


What follows here is the verbatim record of my email to Urban Cat Relief yesterday.  We felt the operative word was “Urban” as, although Sidney had been running the streets of Markham for over two years, that didn’t necessarily save him from rural dangers.


And so, herewith:


HE’S HERE ! ! ! !

I almost cried – then, as now!  He’s here, he’s safe!

To tell the absolute truth, I thought he was dead.  I figured he was confident he could handle dogs and misjudged a coyote!  Dogs and cars, big deal, he’d think, – but we have wildlife – some of it deadly!

So, having all the stalls cleaned, water done, meals made up, night hay put out, we were sitting in the tackroom, gobbling down some microwave popcorn when I looked up and there he was, just standing there, in the room, looking at me.  I looked at Frank – who couldn’t see him from his chair, and casually said ” Hello, Sidney, where have you been?”  I suspect Frank thought  was nuts so I added ” Sidney has just appeared right in front of me!  He did not come thru the kitty-door, because I’d have heard it”.  He just appeared as an apparition might.

We slowly turned to him, chatted with him and I even tried to lure him over with popcorn, lol.  He did finally come over and as soon as I got between him and the door to the other room (the wash stall) I closed it.  We made a big fuss over him, I gave him some kitty krunchies (as expected, he was hungry), and we tried to figure out where the hell he came from.  The answer?  The drain!  This cat has been underground (literally) for 10 days!

He had access to under the floor, under the stairwell, but that’s it.   He’s lost some weight but not as much as I’d have thought so he must have been dining on some mice under there but there wouldn’t have been much clearance.  The last couple of days only, Susie has had an empty dish mornings and asked for something to eat but before that I doubt he even came out just to her.

Suffice to say, we have blocked the drain now and have a pail of water on both sides of the unworking kitty-door and the lock on for the one that is working.  He is very nervous of us but willing to eat and alternately hides or comes out to be petted.  He does not want to be picked up just now but that is ok, we can work towards that.

I can not tell you how glad we are to have him here.  We are going to be very, very careful to keep him close for the next week!


So, since we didn’t even get to post Susie’s happy news at the time, we are over-joyed to be able to share it now.


And, by the way, you can’t get better than the folks at the Urban Cat Relief.  These people go way beyond in their service to their “clients”.  You can reach them at:  Their website is


To Heather and all the gang, everyone here offers a mighty thank you!