Jun 12 2013

Brooklin Parade, June 1st.

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How long can a toe remain broken?  As long as it takes to make you get off of it!  That’s apparently a long time!


Regardless, it hurt enough on the 1st of June to cancel our plans to put the team and wagon in the Brooklin Spring Fair parade.  Just didn’t think I could handle it so, instead, I took the little cart and wee Merlyn.  We had a blast!


This year, we drove both sides of the street.  Whenever we heard children say “ohhh, a pony” or adults say “ohhh, how cute”, we’d drive right over, accept some petting, pose for a couple of photos and then trot on to catch up.  Next time, opposite side of the street.  Ah the joys of having a little entry.


Merlyn also particularly enjoyed the brass and drum band ahead of us and, like so many horses and ponies, marched right along to their beat.  He didn’t really want to stand still whenever we got too close and had to wait a bit – except when they stopped playing.  He stood like a little trooper in their stationary silence.  What a guy!