Aug 16 2014


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We were participating in the West-Oshawa Lion’s Club picnic today which the rain tried hard to cancel but we’re all a hardy bunch and the weather wasn’t able to prevent lots of fun.  Good eats too!


However, what did manage to put a damper on things was a wasps nest hiding in the grass at the base of a fence post. Poor Nikki discovered it very much the hard way and sustained about 50 stings before we could get her away. Poor Frank took the challenge of holding on to a frightened bucking pony who just wanted to run, and did, with Frank flying right along side her.  <Giggle> Going to keep her close tonight to make sure she is alright.  Oh, and yes, Frank’s fine – only a couple of stings for him.


Then Caleb decided to level a kick or two at Munchie and Cole thought that looked like great fun so he did too.  Poor Munchie said to get him off this bus but then didn’t wait around and got himself off the bus (trailer) as soon as the door opened. Another pony to catch.


Then Flippy found out the power was off on the fence and invited himself to the lawn and took Deuce along with him.  Deuce was easy enough to catch, Flippy not so much! He is such a brat!  


Now it’s raining horses and ponies so there goes another B.B.Q’d supper!