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Our Lesson Programme:  

Our forte is our program for the ‘little ones’, the small child who doesn’t qualify for lessons with other stables as they are just too little.  We will work with children as young as 3 to develop skills, familiarity, confidence, balance and personal development.


We go on from there right up to adult with programs aimed at the beginner and then following through their development.   We provide group classes, semi-private and private classes to suit your needs. There are also amply opportunities to participate in the show ring.  


We are proud to have Monica Taylor as coach of the higher levels.  Trained in Great Britain, Monica holds a Lifetime Certification with the Pony Club. References are available so you can check us out and then bring your young rider out to explore the world of horses (and ponies too).


Cost is $45 per half hour lesson though that doesn’t include the grooming and tack up prior to the lesson nor the follow-up grooming, playing with and release of the pony following the lesson so you need to plan on at least an hour.  While many establishments limit lessons to riding only, we believe in the full, well rounded experience and expect students to participate in the preparation and followup on each lesson.


Birthday Parties-Our Specialty. 

Every birthday child’s secret dream.  Ponies can work in almost any size yard – even as small as a two car garage.  Alternatively, a cul de sac, dead end street, field, park, school yard, boulevard etc. can be utilized.  One pony is $195 for an hour, use two for $245 an hour. After maintaining our prices since 2007, we had to bow to economic pressures in 2014 and again this year and raise our prices slightly.  Hopefully it will be several years before we need to adjust them again.


Company Picnics, Block Parties,

Grand Openings.

Turn any event into an unforgettable occasion. Pony rides are a fabulous attraction, bringing in people who might otherwise not attend your event but for that their child gets to ride a pony. Companies can be unique in offering this entertainment to your employee families, making a great day stand out.  And yes, we can provide indoor rides where the facilities allow.  No trace of us remains behind!


Fairs, Parades, Pony Rides.

What is a parade without ponies? Providing pony rides at agriculture fairs is a tradition of generations but there is so much more. Pow-wows, street parties, political B-B-Q’s, family reunions are all ideal events for pony rides and even wagon rides if your facility allows. Additionally, we have for sale a photo of each child produced with our digital equipment. Having your child’s picture taken on a pony is a time-honoured tradition.


Party Services.  

Most parties are well served by one hour with the pony. This fits into any party schedule, even the short 2-hour parties. Additional time is of course available when necessary and for multi-hour events. In some cases an additional charge may apply for mileage. Please be assured that we clean up after all parties; nothing remains but the joy of the occasion.


Party Rain Policy. 

We try to fulfill your date if possible. It’s hard to tell your child their party is cancelled due to weather; however, if you postpone or cancel your party for weather or any other reason we will try to find you another date. This sometimes results in a small charge.


Safety.         We can supply safety helmets!

Included in our service, we provide a minimal lecture on how to proceed near the ponies to ensure the safety of both the children and the ponies. This includes items such as not walking behind a pony unless he knows you are there, the correct way to offer a treat, etc. We recommend that soap and water be available after their ride.   We always walk next to the mounted child – not out in front dragging the pony – and have an arm ready if necessary. Charlie and his boys are family members, routinely vet-checked and vaccinated and we take pride in providing safe, healthy and affectionate ponies.



Creating memories for a lifetime. Sitting fee is $25.00 at our farm. Add mileage costs and possible time charges for location of your choice. All pictures are produced with our quality digital equipment and printed on photo quality paper. Each page of prints is $25.00 with simple editing done at no extra charge.


We also can provide professional portraits of the children attending your function. We have a professional photography on staff with us. Prices vary of course with size and also whether you want to receive them on the spot or have them sent to you. Just let us know at the time of booking if you want this service so we come prepared.



We are available for lectures, educational groups and school programs. Many Special Needs groups use our small four-footed friends to help members find acceptance and build confidence by interaction with our ponies.    


Additionally, many families find that their children benefit from contact with the animals and that a pony party for any occasion – or even no occasion at all – is a great way for everyone to grow and learn of gentleness and patience. This can take place in various settings such as private homes, Group Homes, schools or our barn.


As noted, lessons are offered for those interested in developing more advanced riding skills. We also invite inquiries about our charitable operations.    


Training.  Have a pony needing lessons? Charlie says, “speak to my mom (Barb) about programs for your pony”.


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