Aug 21 2010

Sales & Leases

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Our ponies are available to the public each year in September on a first come, first served basis.  Some are for sale, others are available for lease during our off-season.  Check here to see who is available.


Part of our mandate is to match ponies with children and children with ponies. We meet children every day who long for their own pony but whose family knows little about equines:  how to find them;  how to judge them for suitability;  how to assess their value.


As so many of you know, we regularly sell some of our best ponies to make room for the new year’s purchase of “Freshmen”.  Our sales ponies come from our own programmes and are reliable with children.  They have been trained in various disciplines from the backyard to the carousel.  Many are also proficient in the show ring, in a lesson programme or in front of a cart.


Our ponies come from many sources; some are purchased from breeders; some come through auctions;  some even are rescues, saved from neglect and/or abuse. We do our own assessments of each pony.  If we like what we see, the pony’s background and current status is of less significance than what we see as its disposition and potential talent.


One of the beautiful things about our Sales ponies is that they come back to us!  We retain the “right of first refusal” on all of our ponies so that, as they become out-grown or find themselves for sale for any other reason, we welcome them back into the fold!  This gives us the opportunity to offer them once again on either a reduced price sale or lease basis! 


As our ponies are highly prized, we announce our current roster of ponies for sale only on our web-site each fall, on a first come, first served basis.  If you are not in the market for a pony this year, please check here each fall as our ponies ‘graduate’ to their new status, that being that “Every pony deserves a child of it’s own”! 


 want to buy a pony?

Please note:

We are occasionally asked for a ‘cheap’pony.  As you read this page, you came to understand just why our ponies are “worth their weight in gold!”  By the time a pony moves through our full programme, a course of couple of years, we – and therefore, you – can be confident that this pony is going to be able to do all of the things you ask it to do.  This process costs money. If you are looking for a “cheap” pony, you won’t find it here. 

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