Sep 14 2013

2013 – Now Available!



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We’d ask that you please review our “Sales and Leases” page before making any decisions regarding the ponies shown on this page.


One of the beautiful things about our Sales ponies is that they come back to us!  We retain the “right of first refusal” on all of our ponies so that, as they become out-grown or find themselves for sale for any other reason, we welcome them back into the fold!  This gives us the opportunity to offer them once again on either a sale or lease basis! 

We thus have welcomed back two of our best and offer them again this year.


Levi – Sale or Lease

We want Levi to find an enduring forever-home with a child he can come to love.  We have him available for sale this year at $850, a true bargain. You can read more about Levi on our “Previously Showcased” page.  This pony is as safe and reliable as any parent can demand.  Also available for lease, $100/mth off-farm, $225 on-farm.



My Little Teddy Bear – For Lease only

Out-grown, Teddy returned this year and wowed them again in the show ring.  For this reason, we have decided to offer Teddy on a “For Lease” basis only.  He’s perfect for that young rider (roughly 10-12 years) who is ready for the show ring at walk, trot, canter and a small jump course. Coaches welcome. Available on-farm at $475/mth or off-farm at $250. You can also see more about Teddy on our “Previously Showcased” page.

                      Teddy 2



 Maggie Mai – For Sale or Lease

Some cute little girl!  Craves attention.  Is extremely affectionate once she knows you.  Is a bit of a handful (under Flippy’s tutelage) but is the ideal stress-breaker for an adult who wants someone to cuddle.  Come out, groom her, add saddle and child, go for a walk/hack. Kiss your problems goodbye!  Previously showcased. Just starting as a lessons pony and learning to drive.  Sale: $800. Lease: $100 or $225 mth.



Peanut  Lease Only

Available for the first time! One of our unbeatable All-Stars!  Peanut, our most popular pony of all, and with the carousel, lessons, parties, and all round emissary, there isn’t much of anything he can’t do!  You will have to act fast to be able to lease Peanut as the list of children wanting him is a long one!  On-farm, $275; off-farm, $150

Peanut 2

 Do you think this is my best side?   

Peanut       Peanut3

Cool, you brush, I’ll eat!       Hey, there’s that camera again!


Merlyn – For Lease

One of the best all-round ponies ever!  Not much this little guy can’t do for a little girl or boy.  Quiet and affectionate, he is a great pony for young children to start. Also showcased in 2012.  Totally safe in every way. Bring your coach. $125 or $250 mth. Possibly available for sale in 2014.



Caleb  or Rico  On-farm lease only  

Rico is the 8 year old son of Caleb and is part of our chestnut team.  Younger and less seasoned, he is a great team pony but much weaker under saddle.  Still short of graduating but is available for on farm lease to a student skillful enough to handle. 

Caleb is a steady ride for any age who’s greatest fault these days is laziness!  Needs more work to do!  Caleb was also previously showcased. Either pony, $225 mth.                                              


                    Rico & Caleb       


Flippy - On-farm lease only.     

Having been abused, tiny Flippy must remain close to us.  He’s been with us for several years now and has improved amazingly with only one last issue to over-come.  We hope this is the year he solves it.  An adult-supervised-child  on-farm lease would make all the difference for this little charmer!  Previously showcased. Talk to us about nominal lease price – if any!    



Maizy (aka: The Amazing Maizy) Sale or Lease.

Approximately 16 years old, Maizy is a quiet, somewhat shy, little girl for whom the expression “do no harm” could be coined!  Perfect for those who want to introduce their nursery-school child to their own equine passion.  She can be led/dragged around by the smallest!  $800 purchase; $100/$225 Lease.



Really, what’s not to love?

Hunter – For Lease

First time offered. Our heavy weight Medium pony can handle all sizes -including many adults. In fact, Hunter is our most popular adult lessons mount.  Shows great at walk, trot, canter and jumps a course.  Here’s one for Mom to lease, available thru to June 1, 2014.  $275 mth or $150/mth on-farm.


Hunter      Hunter 2

Where’s da Fox?                      Up & Over – it’s easy Mom!

Hunter 3

Hey, cool!  


Casper  For sale or Lease

Casper has come a long way since joining us a couple of years ago.  Works the carousel, party circuit and lessons.  Just starting to teach him to drive.  Casper has also been widely shown. A larger pony, he needs the larger and stronger child rider to keep him on track. Approximately 15. Previously showcased. Sale: $1200. Lease: $225/$100.

Casper      (More pics to come)


Tori  (Charlies Pride Victoria)

The “wife” of our little stallion Tawney, Tori can only be offered for lease on-farm to prevent Tawney becoming distraught. Sturdy little cob-style Welsh, Tori can handle more weight than most of our ponies.  Perfect for the beginner.  Lease on-farm, $250/mth.

Tori      (More pics to come)