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Well, it all started with Charlie  of course.  He joined our family in 2000 with an eye toward the grandkids. And, while he took eagerly to this task, there was no doubt that he was seriously under-utilized.  With his stable mates coming and going each day, attending to their own careers, he became increasingly frustrated, finally demanding our attention.


Charles was wanting a job!


With his trademark enthusiasm, Charlie  learned how to pull a cart and with the arrival of Levi, branched out into team-work.  It wasn’t long (2003) before he suggested we expand into a full-fledged pony operation.


Today, as CEO, Charlie  oversees his stable of employees, diligently riding herd on his staff of 17.  By following his careful hiring criteria, we have acquired a work force all of whom are versatile, well versed in all aspects of the business from educational programmes, providing riding lessons, working with special needs kids, joining parades, parties and numerous other events, even to being able to take their turn on the carousel or pulling a wagon. 


Our ponies come from various sources, indeed many are rescues. Having spent a few years with us, being thoroughly schooled through our programme, they then move on to their ultimate homes and a “child of their own”.


A major new development is the arrival of a couple of “girls”.  Our all-male chorus is craning over the fencing to secure the best position to see and be seen.


 Drawing on his years of experience,   Charlie often volunteers to assist his humans with the training of client ponies in the arts of riding ponies and/or harness ponies in addition to barn manners and pasture politics.


Charlie’s Pride Ponies, an alumnus of the Canadian Pony Club, is a fully insured company with memberships in the Ontario Equestrian Federation, the world’s Federation Equestre Internationale and the Chamber of Commerce.



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