Nov 12 2011

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     Sold                Levi            

      Levi               Levi

     Herd Leader – Levi              Naptime @ Tweed Fair       

Levi     Levi

   Ride ’em Cowboy!            Working @ the Tree Farm


Levi. One of our founding ponies. Cohort of Charlie. Purebred, registered Sec. A. Welsh Mountain Pony. Black gelding.  Shown junior, W, T, C.  Perfect backyard pony.  Program Grad.    



                              Teddy ( Lease Only)            

 My Little Teddy Bear (Teddy).  All the young girls know Teddy.  Here, try this one!  Going for ribbons

 Teddy                  Here, eat this one!          Going for the ribbons!        

teddy Working at the Fair Good boy

      Gentle Pony               Teddy @ work               Break Time       


Teddy (My Little Teddybear).  All the little girls know Teddy. Welsh cross white gelding. 16 yrs. Excellent child’s pony, solid in the show-ring, W,T,C, jumps a small course. Program grad.

On farm lease, $475, Off-farm, $250.



                             Cole   (Lease Only)                

 cole       cole            

                 Cole                 Cole in his winter coat  

cole   cole

                                       Let’s dance!


Ol’ King Cole.  Very special, black, Sec. A. Welsh cross. 8 yrs.  Here’s your perfect, small PPG pony.  He’s fast, he’s fun and he’s enthusiastic!   Loves the games.  Also shown W, T, C, drives,  jumps and wants to do it all. Program grad.  Very competitive.

On farm lease, $475, off-farm $250.   



       Sold!                      Casper                                     

   casper                      casper polar bear      

            Casper                               Our polar bear, Casper

CASPER             CASPER

            Clean  pony                Somebody call my name?    


Casper.  Newer to our programs.  A bit larger at 12.3 1/2 than most of our ponies.  Beautiful gaits, easy canter.  Nice pony to grow into.  W, T, C,  just started over jumps. Very willing, easy to handle.  14 yrs. Another of our popular white ponies.  Currently on a kimberwick.

Sale, $1,000.      On-farm lease $300      Off-farm, $175



                        Maggie  (Sale or Lease)    

maggie   maggie

     Maggie                       ‘Mags’ in her winter ‘rags’         

  maggie     maggie

         But I wanted to come too …               I can do that! 



 Maggie.   Tiny little lady, perfect for the small child that just won’t wait.8 yrs. Use her in the back yard, show her on the line, pony her at your side on a hack. Is also the ideal stress-breaker for the adult wants to come out to play with her, groom her, cuddle her.  Just started learning to drive. 

Sale: $850, On-farm lease: $225,  off-farm, $100.



                          Merlyn   (For Lease Only)          

 Merlyn   Merlyn  

   Hiding in the flowers          Are we flirting?          

Merlyn          Merlyn

      Oh pleeese…?                          Yum!  Thank you.                                                


                                   Never too young!            


Cute little bay Shetland cross.  Loves attention, ear scratches and grooming.  Great little lesson pony at walk and trot, on line or off.  Also drives. Very gentle pony.      

On-farm Lease $225,   off-farm   $100   



                         Caleb   (Lease Only)   Rico      


      Caleb            caleb

             Caleb                          Looking good at work!

                                              Rico (left)  Caleb (right)    


           caleb         srrico

       Caleb working the carousel           Rico


Caleb  Purebred registered Sec A Welsh Mountain Pony.Chestnut gelding.  W, T, C, Chestnut gelding.Jumps and also drives.  Good to work with, very laid back, steady and quiet.  Excellent influence on other ponies – including his son, Rico – and children. 

 On-farm Lease: $300 ea.  off-farm  $150 ea.


                    Flippy  (Lease Only)


   flip     flip       flip

 I want a muffin            I Really want            Never mind, I’ll get  

         too!                                one …                             my own!  


flip       flip

 Now they’ve got me into            Aw, but you know you love me.



An abused pony but teaming with personality.  The ultimate  “pocket pony”. Curious, he’s in your pockets, helping you do your chores, follows you around, forever looking for mischief. Wants to be worshipped by a little child rider. Works both on and off-line at walk and trot. 

On-farm lease, $225,  Off-farm $100



                                Peanut (Lease Only)

image029       image034

Good Lookin’ Chap!       … and, …     A Little Cutie to Join Him!


Available for the first time!  One of our unbeatable All-Stars!  Peanut, our absolutely most popular pony. Working on the carousel, lessons, parties, and all round emissary, there isn’t much of anything he can’t do. You will have to act fast to be able to lease Peanut as he is wanted by lots! 

On farm lease, $275, off-farm, $150



                            Hunter (Lease Only)

Hunter           Hunter 2

     Where’s da Fox?                  Up and Over  


                              Hunter 3        

               Hey, This is Fun!  (Early Training)


Hunter (aka Tank) First time offered. Our heavy weight Medium pony can handle all sizes -including many adults. In fact, Hunter is our most popular adult lessons mount.  Shows great at walk, trot, canter and jumps a course.  Here’s one for Mom to lease. 

On farm lease: $375 Off farm: $200



                 Mayzie (Lease Only)

Mayzie (2)                 Mayzie


Quiet unassuming little girl.  Must be treated with gentle kindness. She would be perfect for any small child just beginning. Sweetness personified.Totally unagressive.   

On-farm Lease: $275   Off-farm: $150


 Thanks for another great sale and another great year!