Nov 08 2011

Charlie’s Rainbow Bridge



    A child’s laugh brings the Sunshine …


Liberty Davenport

  In memory of Liberty Davenport we dedicate 

 Charlies Pride Ponies to providing the

joy of  ponies to all the children

within our range of influence.


There’s been the Equines, …      

  Jose       Leia 

                    Jose                                       Leia

                                    One cold winter, …    we lost them both.             

         Grand Jive - aka Hello Dolly                 Crackers  

       Grand Jive aka Hello Dolly                 Crackers 

                     Cancer takes our friends  much too young.   


                                      … And the Felines …

Key   Barn buds

 The original – “Key”            Barn Buds (Jason & Tessa)

                                 As time goes by,…

            Winny        Winny

 The Winny Kitty           Winny

                   Sadly lost to the coyotes



                                               …And then the Canines …

              Missy             Simba

                   Missy  (My first love)            Simba (Yay, we’re rescued)   Woofie

   Woofie, the very last,… and simply the very best!


  … and, lest we forget:

               Moody Sam         Scooter

   Moody Sam                                   Scooter

            We’ll  find these missing pieces of our hearts . . .


 Tico – enjoying lunch in the window

 when we get to heaven