Oct 30 2010

The Written Word,…

Dear Charlie & Teddy
When you arrived last weekend for Ashleigh’s
birthday party, you changed a sad little girl to a
child with a huge smile.  Since we lost her Daddy
last year, life has been difficult for both of us.  Her
dream has been to ride a unicorn, and you made
her dream come true.  You have given us memories
for a lifetime
Thank you from Ashleigh & Karyn



Dear Barb, Frank  & All the Members of the Charlie’s Pride Ponies

 I just wanted to let you know Liberty still won’t stop talking about Peanut!  She has been carrying her picture of her and Peanut around all day. I would like to thank you for putting a smile on my little girls face. That is something I don’t see very often as we don’t usually get to do fun things with Daddy being gone so much.  Hopefully we will be able to bring her up to visit with Peanut and the other ponies soon,  if that is alright with you all.  Anyway, once again thank you and please feel free to keep in touch with us.

Thank You

 Ashley Davenport


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