Jul 26 2014

Sooooo, is this a deal or what?

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To reduce any “Sticker Shock” we’re offering a discount on bulk purchases of lesson in the month of August!  


While individual lessons remain at $40, a 5-day week package of lessons is reduced to $180 and a 10 day (2 weeks) package is only $360!  Wow!  You don’t want to miss out on this one!

Jul 26 2014

****Fall Lessons!****

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Back to school programs Sign up NOW!

 705 357-3894

Jul 22 2014

*****YAY! WE”RE BACK!*****

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Well after a breakdown of immense proportions, we have finally gotten our site back up!  Thanks to all who’ve been so patient!  Thanks too for all the advice I received! Sincerely appreciated.

May 10 2014

**** PARTIES! **** LESSONS! ****

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    Let YOUR child experience a PONY!

May 10 2014

Yes! We Now Have Footing!

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We have dried out and are ready to saddle up!  Lessons are open effective Monday, May 12, 2014. 


We will soon be drawing up our 2014 Summer lesson program so get your name in now to be included for your session! 


And party bookings are filling in as well so don’t hang back, folks, or your planned party date and time will already be booked!


Apr 19 2014

Here We Go. 2014!

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So, 2014 is off to a good start. Lots of bookings coming in. 


Be sure to contact us soon to reserve your date and time!

Apr 10 2014


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We love talking with all our clients and fans!


Remember to zip over onto Charlie’s FACEBOOK

and catch our conversations and news over there!    


Apr 10 2014


Skip right over to Facebook (click over there to the left), give us a Like and leave a comment.  We’ll draw one comment by random draw and award that person a free lesson! (Or maybe a party discount.) But don’t forget to leave the comment if you want a chance to win! Draw held the end of August 2015.  

Mar 26 2014

********* IT’S TIME! ***********

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It’s true!  We’re at the start of another year and boy, are we looking forward to it!


Yes, I’ve been away from the keyboard this winter though I have tried to keep up

somewhat on our page on Facebook.  It’s been a long cold winter and I’ve suffered

through this one.  BUT, I’m back and looking forward to a busy year!  Yahoo! 


Mar 15 2014

Playing Catch-up!

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Over the next few days I’ll be trying to catch you up on our activities around the farm.


We’ve been busy with fencing and just routine maintenance which is oh so much harder in the cold!  Brrr!  Even yet, tonight, March 15th (‘ware the tides of March!) we are expecting temperatures of -27 with the wind chill.  Oh will spring never arrive? 


Just for a teaser, I’ll tell you that most of our work this winter, not surprisingly, has been inside – the barn!  Stay tuned for details!





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