Dec 25 2013


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Once again we’ve had a great year, met some great people and enjoyed every minute of it!  WHO, in all this world, has a better job than we do?


Please check out our posts on Charlies Facebook page!  See you again in 2014!

Oct 20 2013

* But you know, you CAN remain current * * with us – and TALK to us too! *

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It’s true!  Even when I get behind on the site, you can always see what we are up to by

checking out our activity over on Facebook.  Click the link on this page, over there to

the top left, and it will take you right to Charlie’s page! 

Oct 19 2013

***** DON’T FORGET, . . . ****

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New, updated info is always available on Charlie’s Facebook page. AND, we want to hear from YOU!  Catch up on our news and catch US up on your news! 

Sep 20 2013


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Interested in leasing or purchasing a pony?  Now’s the time to look in to what Charlie is offering this fall!

Sep 14 2013

2013 Sales & Leases – In Progress now!

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STILL A COUPLE OF photos to add folks, but most are now on.  Check out this year’s offers on updated 2013 page!

Jul 02 2013

*** Canada Day – Ajax Ont. ***

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Now that’s what we call a Par-TAY!  What a blast! 


Beautiful park in Ajax, the Rotary Park is right on the water.  Our site was all nice and shady, soft footing and close to the driveway – with a picnic table no less!  A great welcome and a great day.  Sincere thanks to Ajax and all the help we received from Stacy!


Lots and lots of kids to ride and lot of parents too, asking questions about the ponies!  There is nothing we love more than talking about our boys and girls and all the things they can do. 


Call or email or drop us a line on Charlie’s Facebook page (search: Charlies Pride Ponies) and we’ll be happy to tell you more or set up a time for you to visit us!

Jun 30 2013


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Where: Rotary Park, 177 Lake Driveway W.      

When:  Monday, Canada Day, 10 am to 5 pm.  


Why: CHARLIES PRIDE PONIES! All rides are                  PREPAID!!    



                            So, come ride a pony and visit us!

Jun 12 2013

So, what are YOU doin’ Canada Day?

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Why not join us in Ajax?


We’re going to be there all day.  It promises to be great!  Further info to come!


Where: Rotary Park, 177 Lake Driveway West, Ajax!
When:  Monday, Canada Day, 10 am to 5 pm.

So, come ride a pony and visit us!

Jun 12 2013

Brooklin Parade, June 1st.

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How long can a toe remain broken?  As long as it takes to make you get off of it!  That’s apparently a long time!


Regardless, it hurt enough on the 1st of June to cancel our plans to put the team and wagon in the Brooklin Spring Fair parade.  Just didn’t think I could handle it so, instead, I took the little cart and wee Merlyn.  We had a blast!


This year, we drove both sides of the street.  Whenever we heard children say “ohhh, a pony” or adults say “ohhh, how cute”, we’d drive right over, accept some petting, pose for a couple of photos and then trot on to catch up.  Next time, opposite side of the street.  Ah the joys of having a little entry.


Merlyn also particularly enjoyed the brass and drum band ahead of us and, like so many horses and ponies, marched right along to their beat.  He didn’t really want to stand still whenever we got too close and had to wait a bit – except when they stopped playing.  He stood like a little trooper in their stationary silence.  What a guy!



Jun 08 2013

Speaking of Brooklin, . . .

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We were at the Brooklin Daycare Centre on Friday evening, June 7th.  Sadly the weather was unpredictable and indeed, we only just finished in time as we had torrential rains on the way home. 


This is a fundraiser for the school so the limited turn-out was unfortunate.  They have this every year so try to make it next year, ok?  It’s a really worthwhile event.


Of course, I was a great help – hobbling around on a still very broken toe!

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